Lyn Gilbert


Lyn has had several solo exhibitions and group shows and has paintings in private collections in England, Hong Kong, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Australia and Canada, as well as South Africa.

Lyn is a painter who works primarily with imagination. Her work, even when it seems realistic, evokes mythical and imaginative figures. But it is a down-to-earth mythical world, of worried-looking angels, flowing goddesses, characters with strongly defined expression, and plants and animals which seem to radiate their own light. All these elements are rendered in a subtle yet confident style that includes abstract textures, colour fields, and figures, often within the same painting.

Lyn has said that her paintings start from emotion and intuition, with no sense of the finished canvas. As she works and reworks the surface, she allows chance, colour, and inner mood to lead her to the next step. This approach generates depth from within, and if it appears multi-layered it is because it is literally so. Her close connection with natural environments, her skill and experience, and her trust in her own unconscious processes, allow her to fluidly express the essence of each moment. As critic Kin Bentley wrote: “Lyn Gilbert’s works over the years have just got better and better.”

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