Steven Raphaely


There are times when you view a painting, but find yourself unable to scroll on. Something draws you back to it, and you find yourself compelled to search for the deeper story that its images tell.
That is Steven Raphaely's goal - to challenge the viewer to embark on this journey of personal discovery of his paintings, with there dense, yet deliberate and detailed brush strokes.
After studying Industrial Design at the Johannesburg school of Art and then being tutored by the likes of Cecil Skotnes, his career took a detour as he stared working in the diamond industry .
During this period he had two solo exhibitions, but never enough time to focus fully on his art. After the death of his wife he moved to Cape Town.
Today he is finally able to "paint freely", as Cecil Skotnes urged him to do, getting up early to begin painting in his studio in Big Bay, where he lives with his partner, Wilna.

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